Im beginnig to write this at work on Sunday. (Yes, Im at work at Sunday, but it wasnt my idea). Excuse my poor language, its not my native language.

I do not listen to media news, because they are showing only „bad“ things that happened. But after all,  I cannot avoid them. I do not understand, how lot of people are chasing after money and success. The advertisements convinced people, that things can make them happy. If you can buy everything, would it make you happy ?

From my experience, when I want something, though I do not need it, I save money for it and finally buy a thing I desire to have, my happiness doesnt last long. Then I want more, even I know, it wont bring me any more happiness in long term meaning. And many people act like this. They are buying new things even the old work properly. Lot of old thing ends in trash. This is true for electronics and machinery (including cars) mostly. Im not so old, but I can say that in the past thing were done with the though, that they should last as much as possible, and could be repaired easily. Now there are lot of cheap thing from China which they are manufacturing in large quantities, but they lack of quality. So the thing lasts only few years (many times shorter), then it breaks and the repair is much more expensive than buying a new model.

Anyone around are speaking about new cars. Despite the fact I have a quite new model, If it would be possible I would have probably bought a new car but old model Lada 2107, which production was ended last year. (Unfortunately it is not available in my country beacuse of CO2 emmision regulation) This car was produced for more than 30 years, was simple, durable, almost no electronics, everything can be fixed very easily. It was designed with the thought, that it will be given not enough mainternance service.

LAda 2107 Kombi

Im not against the progress of science, but Im scared how much effort is given to thing, which last only so short and then, they end as thrash. Waste of time and resources.

Bad is, that we do it also with relations. When its broken, we do not try to fix it.

I want to engourage you, to use whatever it is, until it fulfill its purpose, as long as possible, and when it breaks, try to find someone who can fix it. The person who is fixing things will also learn by each repair, and we need such people who understand things, not just mindless work by factory line. If you cant find anyone, try to donate/sell it as spare parts on eBay.

One quote, which I gather recently on Facebook:

Some people are so poor, that the only thing they have is money.

The richest man is not he whi has the most, but he who needs the least