Repairing console BS-500AS a.k.a. Terminator

These day I was caught by this retro gaming wave and I preordered SNES mini classic. And during the waiting time I decided to dust off gaming console of my childhood. In the 90’s there were lot of these fake 8-bit Nintendo consoles here in Slovakia. So last week, I got 2 new multi game cartridges with the best NES games.(ordered from Aliexpress).
When I wanted to try them out, I realized that the AV outputs are not working. I removed the cover and found out that they were not connected on any signal on the circuit board. After thorough examination of the other circuit board in the console I found out that these signals are present on the circuit board.

So I took my solder gun…

At the video connector, one side of the resistor was soldered to the wrong position – outer side of the connector, so I solder it to the right position – the empty hole near the video connector.

At the audio connector, the resistor was missing completely so I added one to the remaining empty holes. (The big green resistor – 100 ohm)

Result was that now its working as it supposed to.

And because I didn’t understand why they swapped colours of audio and video connector, so I desoldered them, swapped them and solder back as they should have been.
Video-yellow, Audio-white. The RF connector, originally red was repainted by a black marker as not to be mistaken for another audio output.