When I was kid I never had Super Nintendo, because it was wery expensive for us in this country. So when pre-ordering starts for mini version I ordered it straight away. Fortunately, it wasnt so huge demand in our country.

When I received it, it was fine, though the wired controler even with extension cord was not I was looking for. In these times when everything is wireless ? Se I managed to order 2 wireless 8bitdo controlers from Aliexpress even 5€ cheaper than original.

8Bitdo SF30 2.4GHz

8Bitdo SN30 2,4GHz

I plugged them in, but the sticking receivers weren’t pleasant for the eye.

I decided to pimp my ride, to integrate the receivers into the console case, while maintaining at least this functionality:

When original wired controller is connected, wireless is disabled, but remained on, so when wired controller is disconnected, it is possible to continue with the wireless one.

I had to use PCB with electronic components, because without them, there were some issues in the main menu, though in games it was fine.


I made a custom PCB board and get it produced by OSH park.

Order from OSH Park

Solder the components, cable and connectors onto the PCB board

Disassembled the 8bitdo receiver. Triangular shaped bit for unscrew is necessary.

The hardest part is to desolder the weird shaped connector (you cant disconnect it !) from the receiver PCB board. I use a hot air gun which was not the best idea. I accidentally desolder the adjacent (very tiny) PCB parts. Which I had to resolder back. So proceed with caution.

Soldered the cable to the receiver PCB board where previously the “connector” was located

Opened the console (screws are beneath the „foot pads“) and connect all together

I did the same for the 2nd port.

I put the receiver boards beneath the main console PCB. Arranged the cables and PCBs, so no solder joint touched the metal part and no cable was pinched. Finally closed the console.

Lets play !

How hard was that Nintendo ? Why you didn’t make it this way ?
You could just integrate your own kind of receiver to the internal board.
The reason probably is that it would be more expensive.